“They are one of the hottest new, original acts to come out of the Triangle in some time. Get ready to put their CD on heavy rotation on your iPods, you’re going to love their unique sound!”

Go Live Plus, September 23rd, 2013

“The bright-eyed Raleigh quartet Superlove Highway explores soul-heavy, blues-laced rock—the sort made by songwriters who’ve been battered and bruised but emerge with a glint of hope, shining in their songs like stage lights across the shiny body of their trusty dreadnought.”

Grayson Currin ~ Independent Weekly, August 9, 2013

“I love this band!!! Superlove Highway has the golden touch and should keep on shining. The band’s songs are diversified from each other far more than the average artist. The song, Ordinary Day will make this band very prosperous and should be released immediately. It’s a hit tune with major potential written all over it. From second one, the song had my attention. The singer’s voice speaks for itself, and the chord progression is smooth like a good alcohol! This track truly shines from the gate, and really captures my imagination. It’s like a song for a long car ride! Live, these guys would be a riot!”

SoundOut Song Review Team – SoundOut Market Research, July 21, 2013

“Superlove Highway will be releasing their new album soon but I was lucky enough to get to hear rough cuts from it and trust me when I tell you, I believe this will be one of the biggest bands to come out of Raleigh. I loved everything I heard.”

Marianne Taylor ~ Marianne Taylor Music, May 14, 2013